Kansas State Championship Series Rules

  1. Must be a Kansas resident or an active club member.

  2. The series starts in January and ends in December.

  3. A rider must ride a minimum of 4 events in one class to be eligible for any awards.

  4. The best 9 rides will be counted.

  5. Riders cannot accumulate points in more than one class.

  6. State points will be accumulated per the following:

    1. 1st    =  30 points
    2. 2nd  =  25 points
    3. 3rd   =  21 points
    4. 4th   =   18 points
    5. 5th   =   16 points
    6. 6th   =   15 points
    7. 7th   =   14 points
    8. 8th   =   13 points
    9. 9th   =   12 points
    10. 10th   = 11 points
    11. 11-20 decreases 1 point per position

  1. 2-day events will be counted as one State Championship trial.  The cumulative (overall) finish of the 2-day event will determine the state points awarded.  If a rider only contests one day of a 2-day event, no state championship points will be awarded. 

  2. If two or more riders tie with the best nine rides counted, the tie will be broken by counting the tenth ride, then the eleventh, and twelve until the tie is broken.  If two or more riders with the same number of rides are still tied, then total the number of event points accumulated when riding the same events.  The rider with the lowest cumulative score will be declared the winner.