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2018 US Trials dates including NATC, CRTC, & Ute Cup

***Notice:  The mandatory Riders meeting has returned to 10:00 am
 by unanimous vote at the December 2017 AVTA club meeting.


Pat Smage at the 2014 Oz National held at Sedan, KS.  (photo by Shan Moore)

Pat Smage

AMA NATC Series MotoTrials


Club Meetings

Club meetings are always held the Wednesday following the monthly club trial. The meetings at 7:30PM in Mac Burnett's garage in Wichita.  Contact Kent Irick (see event flyer) for the location.  The club's financial status is reported at every meeting and various topics regarding the sport and health of the club are open for discussion.  Refreshments are provided by the club and anyone interested in joining the club is welcome.


The Pre-Meeting

Some of the club members traditionally gather at Merle's Place around 6:00 pm for what has been deemed as "The Pre-Meeting".  Topics discussed at the pre-meeting do not have to be trials related.  Merle's Place is on Seneca between 2nd and McLean Boulevard, near the Keeper of the Plains.   Everyone is welcome! 

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